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I stepped out of leading the Business team at Hyperverge a couple of months ago, and I’m currently a co-founder at Plotline, a B2B SaaS startup helping product and growth teams at consumer internet companies improve their in-app funnel metrics.

While speaking with over 100 product managers, we learned about their challenges and the difficulties they face day-to-day. These challenges were felt across companies and industries, and we realised that there is benefit in sharing our learnings along the way, for anyone who is curious about how the best companies are solving these problems.

With that in mind, we will be sharing our thoughts and learnings on how the best tech companies are building and growing products through this newsletter.

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I write about SaaS, Product and Growth. Part-time yoga practitioner and wannabe guitarist.
Founder at Plotline
Co-Founder @Plotline. Building the future of user research. Love playing tennis 🎾 and creating mindmaps out of books.